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• ISO Accreditation 9001
• ISO Accreditation 3834
• CE Marking BS EN 1090



Our Industrial Blacksmith’s shop, specialises in open-die hammer work for small run, non-standard forgings.

Although many of the components once produced at the hammer are now flame-cut and fabricated, there is still a demand where either the materials aren’t readily available in plate, or where grain-flow and impact properties are critical. Most of the forgings we produce will be normalized or hardened & tempered, followed by machining and NDE which may include proof-load testing and MPI.

Typical components include:

• Non-standard forged Shackles
• Forged Weight rods
• Forged Clams
• Forged Levers
• Forged Shafts


• Pilkington 1Cwt pneumatic hammer
• Massey 7 Cwt pneumatic hammer
• Horizontal upsetting press
• Vertical bending press
• Etchells gas fired furnace